Só foi eu dizer ali em baxo no último post se aquele seria o visual da Ruby pra próxima temporada e vem essa notícia chata, Kripke disse que assim como a Bela, Ruby está fora da 4° temporada (droga).

Segundo ele, foi por uma questão financeira da série, mais ele promete novos personagens femininos rotoativos. (droga, droga, droga ¬¬)

“Sexy Supernatural thief Bela (Lauren Cohan) has already been sent to hell — unlike Dean, she won’t be released — and now the show’s creator Eric Kripke tells TV Guide it’s bye bye to sexy demon Ruby (Katie Cassidy) as well.

“She’s great, but this was unfortunately a financial decision — purely budgetary, because creatively she was terrific,” Kripke said. “I have nothing but great affection for Katie, and she was great for the show. It was a very difficult business decision about the realities we are in.” Though the budget’s the same as last year, the show films in Canada and is suffering from a lousy exchange rate.

There will be female characters, Kripke promises. But expect more of the love ‘em, leave ‘em or kill ‘em variety. “We have a plan that’s as exciting as any we’ve ever had of how to thread new characters in some unexpected ways,” he said, adding that the season opener will have a couple of “bombshells that will set the show off in a new direction.” Just don’t mess too much with those Winchester boys! — Ileane Rudolph”

Fonte:TV Guide