Saiu mais uma review sobre o episódio 5×13, ‘The Song Remains the Same’. Abaixo vai uma parte do artigo, em inglês. A tradução será disponibilizada mais tarde! Spoilers abaixo, não continue se não quiser saber o que vem por aí!

Amy Gumenick and Matt Cohen are back as the young Mary and John Winchester. They are even better in this one than “In The Beginning.” John gets far more screen time and more prominent a role. They’re both really good.
If you think Dean’s fishing dream was amusing, you should see what it is this time. Best ever.
Anna reveals what happened to her to Dean. He’s surprised to hear all of it.
Time travel is Anna’s plan B. You should see what plan A is and how that plays out.
The year is 1978 and Sam finds the time period amusing, especially the mustaches.
It’s a muscle car fiesta in this episode! No driving around in lame pintos for Dean and Sam.
Sam is right in the middle of the action this time with Dean. He definitely gets emotional over the whole thing. Just wait until you see his reaction when meeting young John and Mary.
Mary still fights like a badass.
Sam finally gets to do something that only Dean and Castiel have done before. It’s awesome!
There’s a strange family moment with all four of them riding in the Impala, especially with Sam and Dean in the backseat.
John steps up in a big way, showing signs of the older him.
John and Sam have a “moment” as do Dean, Sam and Mary. These are the Kleenex portions of the episode. Be prepared!

The rest, it’s awesome. It’s also too major for me to say much more, but it involves Dean in a big way. Here’s one little spoiler, there is a major character death.

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